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By George C. Hsiao, Wolfgang L. Wendland

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ISBN-13: 9783540685456

This publication is dedicated to the elemental mathematical homes of suggestions to boundary vital equations and offers a scientific method of the variational equipment for the boundary indispensable equations bobbing up in elasticity, fluid mechanics, and acoustic scattering conception. it may possibly additionally function the mathematical beginning of the boundary aspect tools. The latter have lately develop into very popular and effective computational instruments in purposes. The authors are renowned for his or her primary paintings on boundary fundamental equations and comparable subject matters. This ebook is an important scholarly contribution to the trendy conception of boundary imperative equations and may be obtainable and necessary to a wide group of mathematical analysts, utilized mathematicians, engineers and scientists.

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Summary of the boundary integral equations for the Helmholtz equation and the related eigenvalue problems 30 2. 9). 1. We also observe that for the exterior boundary value problems, the exceptional values k0 and k1 of the corresponding boundary integral operators depend on the type of boundary integral equations derived by the direct formulation. For instance, we see that for (EDP), k0 are the exceptional values for Vk whereas k1 are those for ( 12 I +Kk ). Similar relations hold for (ENP). 1, the second column contains all of the boundary integral equations (BIE) obtained by the direct approach.

See the book by Sommerfeld [287] and the further references therein; see also Neittaanm¨aki and Roach [236] and Wilcox [321]). These conditions select the outgoing waves; they are needed for uniqueness of the exterior Dirichlet problem as well as for the Neumann problem. 2) can be replaced by a more appropriate and weaker version of the radiation condition given by Rellich [261, 262], lim R→∞ |x|=R | ∂u (x) − iku(x)|2 ds = 0 . 3) This form is to be used in the variational formulation of exterior boundary value problems.

The remainder uR satisfies the equation Γ 1 2 uR − KuR − Rk uR = Rk u − Sk ψ − ik Rk α , 4π and, therefore, is of the order O(k 2 ). 50) ∂nx 2 where D has the constant functions as eigensolutions. 35). 52) Γ − 1 2I + K ψ − Rk ψ − q(Sk ψ)ds . Γ Again, we assume u in the form u = δn2 1 ik (log k + γ0 − 2πc0 )α − δn3 α + u + uR , 2π 4π where k → 0 yields α= ψds . Γ The term u is the unique solution of uqds = −δn3 c0 Du + Γ ψds − ( 12 I + K )ψ . Γ The remainder uR satisfies the equation uR qds − DuR + Γ q(Rk uR )ds − ∂ Rk uR = fR , ∂nx Γ where fR = α δn2 (log k + γ0 − 2πc0 ) − δn3 ∂ Rk 1 + ∂nx ik 4π q(Rk 1)ds Γ + ∂ Rk u + ∂nx q(Rk u)ds − Rk ψ − Γ q(Sk ψ)ds Γ 44 2.

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