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These days there are significant philosophical traditions by means of Tibetan Lamas. the 1st is located one of the Sarmapas, or more moderen faculties, which hire the Prasangika Madhyamaka view of Chandrakirti, not just in explicating the genuine that means of the Sutra approach but in addition of their interpretation of the Tantras. the second one is located one of the Older faculties, the Nyingmapa and the Bonpo, which emphasize the Dzogchen perspective in elucidating their realizing of the better Tantras. one of the Older colleges, Dzogchen, "the nice Perfection", which lies past the method of Tantric transformation, is considered the necessary instructing of the Buddha, pointing on to the character of brain and its intrinsic knowledge, referred to as Rigpa. in spite of the fact that, in accordance with Lopon Tenzin Namdak Yongdzin Rinpoche, the best Dzogchen grasp one of the Bonpo Lamas dwelling at the present time, "It is important for us as practitioners to understand what Dzogchen is, the way to perform it, and the results of this practice." Lopon Rinpoche undertakes this job in a chain of 9 teachings he gave a few years in the past to Western scholars attracted to the view of Dzogchen and its perform in meditation. the following the Lopon compares the Dzogchen view with the perspectives of Madhyamaka, Chittamatra, Tantra and Mahamudra, sincerely indicating the similarities and the variations between them. in contrast to the conventional academic approach present in different Tibetan monasteries, at Tashi Menri Monastery and at Triten Norbutse Monastery, either now re-established in India and Nepal respectively, Dzogchen isn't limited to non-public meditation guide merely. quite, it truly is introduced out into the sunlight of of philosophical principles and mentioned with regards to the viewpoints of Sutra and Tantra. The Lopon's enormously transparent exposition of those numerous perspectives, that have results for one's meditation perform, might be of curiosity to Western scholars and practitioners.

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It sheds its light everywhere, impartially and indiscriminately and these rays of the sun are like the individual Nirmanakayas perceived by sentient beings. But if we are sitting in a cave on the north side of a mountain, we must then come out of that cave in order to see the face of the sun, even though its light shines everywhere outside. It is the same with the Sambhogakaya. In its essence, the Dharmakaya is empty and formless like the sky; it is unconditioned and permanent. But from the perspective of the Sutra system, on the side of wisdom the Dharmakaya would be impermanent because this wisdom arises from causes, the meditations that bring about the accumulation of wisdom.

But, although this inherent Buddha nature exists in all sentient beings, it is necessary to practice the Path in order to realize its nature which, at the moment, goes unrecognized by the individual. It is like the face of the sun obscured by clouds so it cannot be seen and goes unrecognized, even though it is present in the sky all the time. As the source, this inherent Buddha-nature is already pure and clean and unmixed with defilements, whether emotional or intellectual. The process of coming to realize this fact is called the Buddhahood of the Path.

Here the Nine Ways are first divided into the Four Causal Ways which contain many myths and magical Introduction to Bon - 15 shamanic rituals, and which principally concern working with energies for worldly benefits. Then there are the five higher spiritual ways known as the Fruitional Ways. Here the purpose is not to gain power or to ensure health and prosperity in the present world, but realization of the ultimate spiritual goal of liberation from the suffering experienced in the cycles of rebirth within Samsara.

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