Tobin J. Marks's Bonding Energetics in Organometallic Compounds PDF

By Tobin J. Marks

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ISBN-13: 9780841217911

content material: significance of metal-ligand bond energies in organometallic chemistry: an summary / Tobin J. Marks --
Periodic tendencies in transition steel bonds to hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen / Peter B. Armentrout --
Organometallic response energetics from product kinetic strength liberate distributions / Petra A.M. van Koppen, Michael T. Bowers, J.L. Beauchamp, and David V. Dearden --
equipment for selecting metal-ligand and metal-metal bond energies utilizing fourier rework mass spectrometry / Ben S. Freiser --
Gas-phase thermochemistry of organometallic and coordination advanced ions / David E. Richardson, Charles S. Christ, Jr., Paul Sharpe, Matthew F. Ryan, and John R. Eyler --
Ionization energy-bond strength relationships in organometallic chemistry / Dennis L. Lichtenberger and Ann S. Copenhaver --
Thermodynamics and kinetics of transition metal-alkyl homolytic bond dissociation procedures / Jack Halpern --
Cage pair intermediates and activation parameters / T. Koenig, T.W. Scott, and James A. Franz --
Thermodynamic and kinetic experiences of binding nitrogen and hydrogen to complexes of chromium, molybdenum, and tungsten / Alberto A. Gonzalez, Kai Zhang, Shakti L. Mukerjee, Carl D. Hoff, G. Rattan okay. Khalsa, and Gregory J. Kubas --
Thermodynamic experiences of the hydrogenation and reductive coupling of carbon monoxide by way of rhodium(II) porphyrins / Bradford B. Wayland, Virginia L. Coffin, Alan E. Sherry, and William R. Brennen --
steel and ancillary coordination results on organolanthanide-ligand bond enthalpies : implications for bonding and response styles / Steven P. Nolan, David Stern, David Hedden, and Tobin J. Marks --
Novel extensions of the electrostatic covalent technique and calorimetric measurements to organometallic structures / Russell S. Drago --
Metal-ligand bond dissociation energies in CpMn(CO)₂L and Cr(CO)₅(olefin) complexes / Jane okay. Klassen, Matthias Selke, Amy A. Sorensen, and Gilbert ok. Yang --
Metal-carbon and metal-hydrogen bond dissociation enthalpies from classical and nonclassical calorimetric reviews / A.R. Dias, H.P. Diogo, D. Griller, M.E. Minas da Piedade, and J.A. Martinho Simões --
Adsorbate-induced restructuring of surfaces : floor thermodynamic puzzle / G.A. Somorjai --
Acid websites on chemically changed molybdenum surfaces / Peter C. Stair --
Absolute electronegativity, hardness, and bond energies / Ralph G. Pearson --
Gas-phase chemistry of first-row transition steel ions with nitrogen-containing compounds : theoretical and experimental investigations / A. Mavridis, okay. Kunze, J.F. Harrison, and J. Allison --
Periodic traits within the bond energies of transition steel complexes : density sensible thought / Tom Ziegler and Vincenzo Tschinke.

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The results obtained to date in these studies are summarized, and several cautions are discussed which must be exercised if accurate bond energies are to be obtained. The recent development and application of techniques for studying the mechanisms and energetics of organometallic reactions in the gas phase stems in part from the importance of transition metal sites as active centers which provide low energy pathways for the selective catalytic transformation of small molecules into useful products.

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