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By Victor Pride writer Victor Pride's consultant to bodybuilding approach, mind-set and diet.
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ROPE PULLUPS (SUPPLEMENTAL) Rope pull-ups will help with grip and hand strength along with back development. Grad a rope from anywhere in the gym and drape it over the pullup bars. Do as many repetitions as you can. Pictured: Rope Pullups MONKEY PULLUPS (SUPPLEMENTAL) Monkey pull-ups are another fun way to break out of the normal routine. Page 50 Monkey pull-ups are a combination of pull-ups and abdominal crunches. As you pull yourself up, you want to pull up your legs and contract your abdominals.

This method was developed by a little known bodybuilder called Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pictured: Dumbbell Flies Bottom Position Dumbbell flies do not need to be performed very heavy for them to be effective. Aim for about 8-12 repetitions and concentrate on the movement. Dumbbell flies can be performed as often as 3 times per week, or less, depending on chest development required. Page 45 Pictured: Dumbbell Flies Top Position Page 46 WEIGHTED PUSHUPS BETWEEN BENCHES (SUPPLEMENTAL) Weighted pushups between two benches is a man maker.

They are no particularly dangerous but they are excellent for leg development, strength and conditioning. THE BENCH PRESS The bench press is the undisputed favorite exercise of gymrats across the globe, and for good reason: it looks cool and builds up your chest. There are many different variations of the bench press:       Flat bench press Incline bench press Decline bench press Close grip bench press Reverse grip bench press Dumbbell bench press (flat, incline and decline) Along with building the chest, the bench press will develop the shoulders and the triceps as well.

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