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By Louis S. Kornicker

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Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.


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Cirri 38-63 cirrals. P3 first genital pinnule. Genital pinnules On the specimen from Sta. 1981 segments 3-5 expanded• on the specimen from Sta. 423 3-9 expanded, and on the specimen from Sta. 1691 3-6 well expanded, and a few pinnules show slight expansion on segments two and seven. The pinnule then gradually narrows distally. Expanded portion of pinnule slightly shorter than distal portion. 0 mmlong, with Two columns of sockets per radius. Columns separated midradially by a bare triangular area and contiguous interradially.

157-159. A. H. Clark Clark, 1967, pp. 544-546, fig. M. 30a-e. Material examined. Sta. 410, 6 specimens; Sta. 439, 15 specimens• Sta. 1978, 3 speci- mens. Total = 24 specimens from three sta- t ions. Description. 5 ram. Cirrus sockets crowded, arranged in slightly irregular columns. Dorsal pole highly variable, small to large, bare and smooth to occasionally rough and papillose. Cirri 3461, with up to 23 cirrals. First two cirrals broader than long, third with length equal to breadth, fourth to eighth longer than broad, and from nine on they shorten progressively until width greater than length.

H. Clark. The only differ- ence she could detect between the Eltanin material and the previously identified material was in the degree of ornamentation on the o •) middle and outer arms. She did not exa- mine the badly mutilated specimen from Queensland which A. H. ' animal was taken The depth at was assumed to be shallow because of the species in the jar with it. Because the Eltanin specimens also have a less developed keel on the middle 24 BIOLOGY OF THE ANTARCTIC SEAS XIII outer arms, the possibility is raised that the more southerly locations may contribute to the reduced ornamentation.

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