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Read e-book online Nuclear Receptors: A Practical Approach PDF

The steroid or nuclear receptor superfamily is a vital team of transcription elements that's studied by way of a wide and sundry variety of uncomplicated and scientific researchers. This e-book presents those researchers a useful consultant to take action and is a needs to for all pros in biomedicine.

Biology and Conservation of the European SturgeonAcipenser by P. Williot, E. Rochard, N. Desse-Berset, J. Gessner, F. PDF

The publication goals at synthesizing our present wisdom of Acipenser sturio and its administration. This species, probably the most frequent sturgeon species far and wide Western Europe starting from the Black Sea to the Baltic, is now at the verge of extinction. significant features of its biology and administration, together with mismanagement, are supplied in a old point of view.

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The specific heat of water (1 calorie/gram/°C) is twice that of most carbon compounds and nine times that of iron. 23 calories/gram/°C). Still, only 20% of the hydrogen bonds are broken as water heats from 0° to 100°C. Because of its high specific heat, water heats up more slowly than almost any other compound and holds its temperature longer when heat is no longer applied. 14 Cohesion. Some insects, such as this water strider, literally walk on water. In this photograph you can see the dimpling the insect’s feet make on the water as its weight bears down on the surface.

The amino acid sequence, or primary structure; 2. coils and sheets, called secondary structure; 3. folds or creases, called motifs; 4. the three-dimensional shape, called tertiary structure; 5. functional units, called domains; and 6. individual polypeptide subunits associated in a quaternary structure. Chapter 3 The Chemical Building Blocks of Life 43 How Proteins Fold Into Their Functional Shape Unfolded protein Correctly folded protein How does a protein fold into a specific shape? Nonpolar amino acids play a key role.

34 Media Resources Chemical bonds hold molecules together. • Ionic bonds form when electrons transfer from one atom to another, and the resulting oppositely charged ions attract one another. • Covalent bonds form when two atoms share electrons. They are responsible for the formation of most biologically important molecules. 4 Questions The atoms of living things are among the smallest. • More than 95% of the weight of an organism consists of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen, all of which form strong covalent bonds with one another.

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