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By Friedrich Nietzsche

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This can be a significant paintings by means of the thinker Friedrich Nietzsche, whose writings were deeply influential on next generations of philosophers. it truly is provided right here in a brand new translation by means of Judith Norman, with an creation by way of Rolf Peter Horstmann that locations the paintings in its old and philosophical context.

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On the one hand, we are, under the circumstances, both the one who commands and the one who obeys, and as the obedient one we are familiar with the feelings of compulsion, force, pressure, resistance, and motion that generally start right after the act of willing. " As a result, a whole chain of erroneous conclusions, and, consequently, false evaluations have become attached to the will, - to such an extent that the one who wills believes, in good faith, that willing suffices for action. f effect.

1 6 Cause of itself. 17 Contradiction in terms. fphilosophers 'I think,' I get a whole set of bold claims that are difficult, perhaps impos­ sible, to establish, - for instance, that I am the one who is thinking, that there must be something that is thinking in the first place, that thinking is an activity and the effect of a being who is considered the cause, that there is an 'I,' and finally, that it has already been determined what is meant by thinking, - that I know what thinking is. Because if I had not already made up my mind what thinking is, how could I tell whether what had just happened was not perhaps 'willing' or 'feeling'?

The strange family resemblance of all Indian, Greek, and German philosophizing speaks for itself clearly enough. Where there are linguistic affinities, then because of the common philosophy of grammar (I mean: due to the unconscious domination and direction through similar gram­ matical functions), it is obvious that everything lies ready from the very start for a similar development and sequence of philosophical systems; on the other hand, the way seems as good as blocked for certain other possibilities of interpreting the world.

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Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future (Clearscan) by Friedrich Nietzsche

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