Bayesian Inference: Parameter Estimation and Decisions by Hanns L. Harney PDF

By Hanns L. Harney

ISBN-10: 364205577X

ISBN-13: 9783642055775

ISBN-10: 366206006X

ISBN-13: 9783662060063

The e-book offers a generalization of Gaussian errors durations to
situations the place the information persist with non-Gaussian distributions. This
usually happens in frontier technological know-how, the place the saw parameter is
just above history or the histogram of multiparametric data
contains empty packing containers. Then the validity of a theory
cannot be made up our minds through the chi-squared-criterion, yet this long-standing
problem is solved the following. The e-book relies on Bayes' theorem, symmetry and
differential geometry. as well as options of useful difficulties, the text
provides an epistemic perception: The good judgment of quantum mechanics is
obtained because the common sense of impartial inference from counting data.
However, no wisdom of quantum mechanics is needed. The text,
examples and routines are written at an introductory level.

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E. the identity. Actually, one need only consider the rotations given by n modulo 6, since a rotation by 27r is equivalent to the identity. Hence, there are six transformations of the snowflake, with n = 0, ... , 5, which leave its appearance unchanged. This "group" of transformations is the essence of the symmetry that we perceive in Fig. 1. Many more beautiful examples can be found in the booklet [153] by Hermann Weyl. The notion of a mathematical group is defined in Sect. 1. The symmetry of form invariance is introduced in Sect.

4. For any element Ge, the group contains an inverse G~ 1 . The inverse has the property G~ 1 Ge = 1. 1) Compare Chap. 1 of [62]. Below, an example is given of a group with elements that do not commute. 1) holds for any pair of transformations in Q, the group is called Abelian. 1 The properties of a group entail that every element of the group can be considered the "origin" of the group. Let ~ run over all values of the group parameter and Gr be an arbitrary but fixed element of the group. e. the multiplication by Gr is a one-to-one mapping of the group onto itself.

5 Fig. 6. A Pareto distribution If there is a point ~ = ~opt where L assumes an absolute maximum, then ~opt belongs to any Bayesian interval of Q. The reader should show that ~opt does not change under reparameterisations. Hence, the point of maximum likelihood is certainly within the error of~- Still, it is not necessarily a good estimator of the true value, because it may lie at the edge of the Bayesian intervals. As an example, consider the Pareto model q(xJ~) = { ~ (~) -1-n 0 for x> ~. 9). 10).

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