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By Richard O. Reinhart

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This readable, up to date textbook by way of a flight healthcare professional comprehensively covers the standards that impact ``medical airworthiness.'' comprises sensible chapters on facing in-flight clinical emergencies and on keeping flight health with vitamin and workout.

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Consequently, nitrogen is responsible for the major portion of the total atmospheric pressure, or weight, upon the Earth’s surface and the human body. , the bends). This also will be explained in Chapter 5. 03 percent of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide (CO2), also colorless, odorless, and tasteless, creates some of the most disabling physiological problems, especially in flight. A by-product of respiration, carbon dioxide is somewhat heavier than air. As a result of fossil fuel combustion, carbon dioxide is the only gaseous constituent of the atmosphere that has increased significantly in amount during the past century.

14 Basic human anatomy The brain is divided into three main parts, the largest being the forebrain, or cerebrum. This contains much of our “gray matter,” or thinking cells. The forebrain is further divided into two hemispheres, right and left. The surface of these hemispheres is called the cerebral cortex. Each hemisphere is further divided into four lobes, each supplying its own functions. The frontal lobes are responsible for complex thoughts, decisions, and judgments. From these lobes, signals or “messages” are transmitted via nerves to muscles, telling them what to do.

38 The atmosphere Or expressed mathematically: PT = P1 + P2 + Ps + Pn; where PT is the total pressure of the mixture of gases and the P value is the partial pressure of each gas, which is determined by multiplying the percentage of the individual gas times the total pressure. Each kind of gas exerts its own pressure, depending on the percentage of that gas in the mixture; thus, even though the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is constant (about 21 percent), its partial pressure will decrease proportionately as atmospheric pressure (expressed as barometric pressure) decreases.

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