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By Kirschnick R.

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Discrete differential geometry is an lively mathematical terrain the place differential geometry and discrete geometry meet and have interaction. It offers discrete equivalents of the geometric notions and techniques of differential geometry, akin to notions of curvature and integrability for polyhedral surfaces.

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Y n ) in R n . 1) supposed to be single-valued, continuous, differentiable functions of y 1 , . . , y n . 1) in terms of an n-tuple of independent coordinates ( x 1 , . . 3) Indeed, the functions xl — xl(yx,... , xn) — 0 exists and is satisfied whatever the values of y 1 , . . ,y n . If this happens, F is independent of y 1 , . . , yn and it follows that | p j - , . . , J ^ are all zero. 4) 1 n dF dx OF dx = 0. 4) is the trivial solution JxT = • • • = §§fi — 0 and there can be no functional dependence F(x1,...

4) is the trivial solution JxT = • • • = §§fi — 0 and there can be no functional dependence F(x1,... ,xn) = 0 of the functions x ^ y 1 , . . ,yn) [Nic61]. N o t e . 6) have been imposed. 21) does not vanish. • Considering an open subset U of R n , two coordinate systems with coordinates {x1} and {y-7}, determining the associated ordered frames { A } and {^7} on U, are said to define the same orientation if the Jacobian determinant J = det (^j) is positive at all points of the subset. An orientation on U is the equivalence class of these ordered frames.

17) to Eq. 19), as the metric is non-degenerate (Chapter 2) the mapping between TpM and its dual T*M is a bijection, independent of a particular choice of basis, giving rise to a canonical isomorphism between TpM and T*M. 20) image of u in T*M under the canonical isomorphism. The superscript * is referred to as the metric dual operation. 21) and defines a canonical isomorphism between TpM and T*M. Note. We shall now recall briefly the way in which inner product appears in quantum theory. In quantum theory the state of a system is represented mathematically by a state vector, denoted by a ket \ip > belonging to a complex inner product vector space £.

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