Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeial Plant Drugs: Expanded Therapeutics by C. P. Khare PDF

By C. P. Khare

ISBN-10: 1466590009

ISBN-13: 9781466590007

"This type of systematic paintings is precisely what's wanted for individuals to assist bridge conventional Ayurvedic perform with smooth science." Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel laureate, present president of the Royal Society and staff chief on the clinical study Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, UK

Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeial Plant medicinal drugs: increased Therapeutics is the 1st assessment of all of the healing sections of 456 plant medicines within the first six volumes of the "Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India." It covers pharmacognosy of classical Ayurvedic herbs, their chemical ingredients, healing makes use of, and doses at the foundation of up to date clinical literature.

The booklet reports the classical attributes, compounds, and textual references of Ayurvedic plant medicinal drugs and updates the pharmacopoeial attributes of Ayurvedic herbs and formulations to cause them to extra industry-oriented and facilitate their implementation.

Sanskrit terminology has been switched over into English equivalents, and botanical names assigned to Ayurvedic herbs within the textual content were reviewed in ancient in addition to modern contexts. this can support those who find themselves no longer conversant with Sanskrit or have came across a number of names of an analogous herb in Ayurvedic reference works and in several areas of India.

With those salient good points, this ebook presents an additional clinical side to the recent iteration of Ayurvedic scholars, school contributors, researchers, and enterprising phytopharmaceutical scientists. additionally, the clinical mood of this source might help get to the bottom of some of the intricacies of classical Ayurveda."

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For treating diabetes, a decoction of A. suma and A. 2(b) 09-10-2015 10:43:24 AM 14 Acalypha fruticosa Forsk. A A decoction of pods is used for urino-genital diseases. An infusion of the leaves has anti-diarrhea and anti-dysenteric properties.  BOTANICAL SOURCE(S) Acalypha fruticosa Forsk. (Fam. Euphorbiaceae) PHARMACOPOEIAL AYURVEDIC DRUG Laghu Haritamañjarī (Root). API, Part I, Vol. VI. This is a non-classical drug. Sanskritized synonyms—Muktā-varcha and Haritamañjarī— were introduced by the National Academy of Ayurveda.

Native to Southeast Asia, now naturalized in other tropical and subtropical regions. 17 Seventeen species in pantropical region1; 2 species found in India, A.  fruticulous Wall. Ex Wight & Arn. Syn. ; A. laevigatus E. 5 REGIONAL LANGUAGE NAMES Eng: Jequirity; Assam: Rati; Beng: Kunch, Shonkainch; Guj: Rati, Chanothee; Hindi: Ratti, Ghungchi; Kan: Galuganji, Gulagunjee; Mal: Kunni, Cuvanna Kunni; Mar: Gunja; Ori: Kainch; Punj: Ratti; Tam: Kuntri, Kunrimani, Kundamani; Tel: Guriginja, Gurivinda; Urdu: Ghongcha, Ratti.

Mimosa pennata Linn. (Fam. ) Willd. A HABITAT Throughout India. 2(b) A. 20(a) REGIONAL LANGUAGE NAMES Beng: Kuchai; Gun: Khervelya; Hin: Biswal, Latakhadira, Aazi khair; Kan: Siguri; Mar: Aarai velyakhera; Ori: Potadontari; Tam: Iya kozhandu; Tel: Karusakaya. Tam: Indan, Indu; Mar: Shembi; Mai: Kareencha;20(a) Bihar: Avir, Marangakain;2(a) Eng: Climbing wattle. CONSTITUENTS Octadecadienoic, octadecanoic, palmitic and pentadecanoic acids; lupeol, α-spinasterol, β-sitosterol and tannins. 43 Quercetin and apigenin, along with isorhamentin, kaempferol, and isovitaxin, isolated from the leaves, were tested for inhibitory effects on COX-1 and COX-2.

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