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Astrobiology is the research of lifestyles within the universe. It contains the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, geology, paleontology, etc, corresponding to microbiology. The interest of scientists who wonder whether existence exists someplace in addition to Earth has created this new technology. in view that we won't but go back and forth to different planets, astrobiologists needs to commence with the single existence we all know approximately: existence in the world.

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Europa, which astrobiologists believe may be able to support life, is the small sphere at top right. Impacts The Impacts Focus Group studies how the impacts of asteroids, comets, and other materials have influenced the origin, evolution, and extinction of life on Earth. A major goal of this group is to gather samples from a wide variety of places (both on Earth and from outer space). As NASA’s focus groups Website explains, impacts have affected the landscapes of “every rocky or icy planet in the solar system.

32 Tools of the Astrobiologist SPACE PROBES The information scientists received from the earliest Explorer space missions in the 1960s and 1970s provided data about the moon, solar wind, and the Van Allen Belt, and was a foundation for astrobiology. These early missions taught scientists something about how Earth’s nearspace environment worked. Deep-space observation satellites, such as Mariner 4, provided information about Mars’s surface and atmosphere. Mariner 9’s visit to Mars sent back information about the possibility that water once existed on Mars, suggested by photos of dried-up riverbeds.

Radio astronomy: The study of the universe with radio telescopes. Satellites: A moon or manmade object revolving around a planet. Signature: Sign or indication of life, present or past. Solar system: A group of planets orbiting around a star. 59 Spectrometers: Instruments for measuring the intensity of radiation as a function of wavelength. Spectroscopy: The examination of spectra. Spectrum: Range of colors or frequencies. Submersible: Vessel able to explore underwater. Terrestrial: Of the Earth.

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