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By Luis Arboledas Martinez

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Furthermore the mediatization of surfing amplified these values in a wider cultural dissemination. The competitive tendency in surfing was reinforced in the rise of the professional circuit. g. through ‘Beatnik’ affinities (1950s), Counter Culture (late 1960s) and punk (late 1970s) (Booth 1999) powerful) underlying values and images, which are recast and re-expressed in different forms in different decades, but viewed over the larger sweep of history show a surprisingly high degree of continuity.

Indeed, the smallest detail in the pictorial composition of the moment of posture captured in a shot can make the difference between a publishable photograph and a reject. Divine makes the importance of the momentary patterns of spray explicit when he notes, commenting on a shot of Brian Keaulana, at Makaha, 1981, ‘of the three frames I shot in a single second, only this one captured the backwash display’ (Divine 2000: 122). A further recurrent iconographic surfing image is that of the seemingly diminutive surfer on a massive wave, as in the shot of Darrick Doerner at Sunset (Divine 2000: 99), at the bottom of the drop, with the shot framed looking into the enormous line of the wave, with a pack of surfers, to the far left of the picture, paddling over the peak, possibly trying to escape from the set of waves following behind that pictured.

G. London 1911), there has been a, seemingly accelerating, proliferation of accounts of surfing’s history and culture since the early 1990s. This section will explore these accounts in terms of thinking on reminiscence and nostalgia, the formal properties of narrative structural analysis of Labov and Burke, the delineanation 24 Surfing and social theory of technological, cultural and performance histories of surfing, a further pareddown or skeletal narrative of surfing culture and its links to key values, mythmaking and the ‘laying claim to history’ and a review of a series of major themes or tensions which make up surfing’s narrative plot.

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Aspectos sociales y fiscales en las minas romanas del Alto Guadalquivir by Luis Arboledas Martinez

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