Aryadeva's Lamp That Integrates the Practices by Christian K. Wedemeyer PDF

By Christian K. Wedemeyer

ISBN-10: 0975373455

ISBN-13: 9780975373453

The Lamp that Integrates the Practices is a scientific and accomplished exposition of the main complicated yogas of the Esoteric group (Guhyasamaja) Tantra as espoused through the Noble culture, an influential college of interpretation in the Mahayoga traditions of Indian Buddhist esoterism. equivalent in authority to Nagarjuna's well-known 5 phases (Pañcakrama), Aryadeva's paintings is likely to be the earliest prose instance of the "stages of the chant course" style in Sanskrit. Its studied gradualism exerted vast effect on later Indian and Tibetan culture, and it truly is greatly brought up via masters from all 4 significant lineages of Tibetan Buddhism.

This quantity offers the Lamp in a tri-lingual layout: its Sanskrit unique critically-edited from recently-identified manuscripts, a severe variation of the eleventh-century Tibetan translation by means of Rin-chen Bzang-po (including notes on readings present in "lost," substitute translations), and a thoroughly-annotated English translation.

Includes an introductory learn discussing the background of the Guhyasamaja and its exegetical traditions, surveying the scriptural and commentarial assets of the Noble culture, and interpreting intimately the contents of the Lamp. incorporates a targeted, tri-lingual glossary.

Published by means of American Institute of Buddhist reports (AIBS)

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285. " There has been no effort to engage the tradi­ tional attribution in more detail or to attempt to understand the logic internal to it. " Before interrogating the traditional attribution further, it will perhaps be instructive to digress a moment on the evidence available for dating the Noble Tradition l iterature. For, despite the ineptitude with which the modern scholarly view has generally been presented, 1 9 i t i s in fact possible to argue fairly persuasively that the Ary adeva who authored the CMP was not contemporaneous with the person who authored the Catub­ sataka.

Lala of the Esoteric Community and gave initiation to those with the good fortune to hear, such as the Great King Indrabhuti, and so forth. The King attained great success (mahasiddh i) at the very time of initiation . . Then the Teacher proclaimed the Root and Explanatory Tantras of the Esoteric Community to the King. He en­ trusted them to VajrapaQi. There. the King wrote the tantras on gold paper with melted sapphire [ink ] . and he also made a building to house them. Then. everyone 28 Introduction · living in that land ruled by the King, even down to the crows who ate their scraps of food, attained success.

34 While the date of ' Gos i s somewhat vague, it seems certain that he flourished in the mid-eleventh century. He does not cite Ary adeva as one of his many Indian gurus, so we may presume that there was at least one generation of teachers, and probably two, between 'Gos and Aryadeva. Thus, the evidence here cited suggests that the CMP (and, by exten­ sion, its author) is the product of the period between ca. AD 850 and AD 1000. This is, no doubt, rather a large window, capacious enough to en­ compass the lives of three or more persons.

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