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The argument offered during this ebook is that the hot ‘spiritual’ trajectory of Roy Bhaskar’s paintings, upon which he first embarked with the e-book of his From East to West, undermines the basic achievements of his prior paintings. the matter with Bhaskar’s new philosophical procedure (Transcendental Dialectical severe Realism or just Meta-Reality), from the critical-realist Marxist standpoint recommended right here, is that it marks either a departure from and a negation of the sooner matters of Bhaskar to improve a realist philosophy of technological know-how and under-labour for an emancipatory materialist socio-historical technology. The end-result is a meta-philosophy that's irrealist, speculative, under-theorized, internally self-contradictory, and which can't offer philosophical suggestions to liberatory social practices. towards theist ontological logics extra mostly (including the far more rational theism provided by means of Margaret Archer, Andrew Collier and Doug Porpora), the argument of this publication is that the earth-bound materialist dialectics of the classical Marxist culture, and the naturalistic humanism those dialectics under-labour at the terrain of socio-historical being, supply a way more promising future of serious realist thought and for liberatory politics and ethics.

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And, if it is, does this have negative consequences on the terrain of human and social practices? The argument of certain CR scholars, whom I have (rather crudely) dubbed the ‘CR spiritualists’, namely Margaret Archer, Andrew Collier and Doug Porpora, is that this is not the case. In their book Transcendence, they argue that theism (properly understood and correctly formulated) is compatible with CR philosophy, is rationally grounded (in human experience), is consistent with scientific knowledge, and is philosophically defensible.

Objective idealism (whether absolute or otherwise) affirms the existence of matter, but must logically render it ontologically dependent on mind. How else can mind be liberated from its materiality? But to admit this much is precisely to beg the question of what kind of mind is responsible for the universe. Dualism as ontology consists of the view that: (1) matter and mind are distinct substances, each in possession of a unique essence or essences, following their own laws; and (2) that any attempt at the explanatory reduction of one to the other must be considered foul play, in the sense of illegitimate and impossible.

P. cm. Includes bibliographical references. 1. Bhaskar, Roy, 1944- 2. Critical realism. 3. Spiritualism. 4. Religion- Philosophy. I. Title. 4-dc22 2008046755 ISBN13: 978-0-415-49031-3 (hbk) ISBN10: 0-415-49031-6 (hbk) ISBN13: 978-0-203-87843-9 (ebk) ISBN10: 0-203-87843-4 (ebk) This is for my son, Alistair, with love Contents Preface Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Author’s note Introduction 1 Bhaskar’s ‘spiritual turn’: logical and conceptual problems 2 Meta-reality, critical realism and Marxism 3 Secularism, agnosticism and theism 4 Critical realism, Transcendence and God 5 Humanism, spiritualism and critical theory Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index Preface Roy Bhaskar’s critical realism has been in the ascendant in the Western academy in recent decades.

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