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By James N. Pitts, etc.

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The symmetry planes d, e, and f contain z and make angles of zero, Àp=3, and þp=3, respectively, with the zx plane. The apices of the triangle are marked a, b, and c for identification purposes only. Curved arrows in (b) show the direction of rotation under C3þ and C3À . Dashed lines show the reflecting planes. (which here are {C3 d e f} ) are defined with respect to the Cartesian axes OX, OY, OZ, and remain fixed, while symmetry operators rotate or reflect the whole of configuration space including any material system – the pyramid – that exists in this space.

International notation used to name the point groups comprises a minimal set of symmetry elements. 11. Projection diagrams (a) for the proper point group 4, or C4, and (b) for the dihedral group 422, or D4. The components of the unit vector a are 2À½ [1 1 0] and those of b are 2À½ [1 1 0]. 5. Abbreviated International symbols and Scho¨nflies notation. Scho¨nflies symbol Full International symbol Abbreviated symbol D2h 222 mmm 422 mmm 622 mmm 2 3 m 2 3 m 4 2 3 m m mmm D4h D6h D3d Th Oh 4/mmm 6/mmm 3m m3 m3m stress that a binary axis is normal to the principal axis and hence lies in the xy plane.

The other necessary group properties are readily proved and so G is a group. ‘‘Direct product’’ (DP) without further qualification implies the outer direct product. g. A and B) individually, but that, in general, a multiplication rule between elements of different groups does not necessarily exist unless it is specifically stated to do so. However, if the elements of A and B obey the same multiplication rule (as would be true, for example, if they were both groups of symmetry operators) then the product ai bj is defined.

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