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By Professor Ngoc Thanh Nguyen DSc, PhD (auth.)

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Inconsistent wisdom administration is a typical sub-field of data administration and clash answer. It offers with equipment for reconciling inconsistent contents of information originating from assorted resources. This e-book offers a unified and systematic description of a large type of miscellaneous difficulties of inconsistent wisdom administration, analyzed by way of conventional mathematical tools utilizing relational and logical representations. With certain emphasis at the distribution point of data inconsistency, Professor Nguyen presents a different method of formal types of inconsistency and algorithms for its resolution.

Features & subject matters include:

• Consensus as a device for clash solving

• Inconsistency of information – syntactic & semantic

• wisdom clash model

• Ontology Integration

• functional elements of purposes of proposed methods

This ebook offers a wide picture of clever applied sciences for inconsistency solution and provides a useful resource of reference at the subject. Written for researchers and scholars within the box of information administration, clash resolution and clever structures, this booklet may also be of use to designers of multi-agent and knowledge platforms and experts from social selection concept, and all attracted to the issues of processing and dealing with inconsistent knowledge.

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Vn. These votes create a profile P = (p1, p2, . . , pn) ∈ S n, where pi is the vote of vi, for i = 1, . . , n. The problem is based on defining a consensus choice function which should determine a committee on the basis of a set of votes. In the literature there are three approaches for defining consensus choice functions: axiomatic, constructive, and optimization. In the axiomatic approach for the alternatives ranking problem a set of axioms has been fixed for the class of so-called Condorcet social choice functions (a consensus choice function C is a Condorcet function if and only if it satisfies the following Condorcet principle: for all situations (A, P) there should be C(A, p) = {x}, whenever x ∈ A and (x, y) ∈ Wp for all y ∈ A\{x}).

32 2. 3. Analysis of Postulates Let P = {P1a, P1b, P2a, P2b, P2c, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7a, P7b, P8} be the set of all postulates. A postulate p ∈ P may be treated as an atomic logical formula for which the interpretation should be the set of pairs where U is a universe and C(U) is the set of all consistency functions for conflict profiles from Π(U). We say that a postulate p∈P • • • • is satisfied if there exist a universe U and a function in C(U) which satisfies postulate p is u-true if there exists a universe U for which p is satisfied by all functions from C(U) is true if it is u-true referring to all universes is false if it is not satisfied We can build complex formulae on the basis of the atomic formulae using logic quantifiers and such logical connectives as ∨, ∧, ¬, ⇒.

1 In this work sets with repetitions refer only to conflict profiles, and any symbol representing a conflict profile also represents a set with repetitions. 20 2. Model of Knowledge Conflict A set X with repetitions is a subset of a set Y with repetitions (X ⊆ Y) if each element from X does not have a greater number of occurrences than it has in set Y. For example, {2 ∗ x, 3 ∗ y, 1 ∗ z} ⊆ {2 ∗ x, 4 ∗ y, 1 ∗ z}. Set U can have two kinds of structure: the macrostructure and the microstructure. By a macrostructure of U we understand some relationship between its elements, for example, a binary relation on U, or some relationship between its elements and elements of another set, for example, some function from U × U to another set.

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