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4 step hops forward, man in 1 o d, girl turning clockwise under his hand. Repeat Bars 1-4. As for C Bars 1-4 except that the girl, with both hands on hips, dances in front of man whose arms are folded. Repeat Bars 1-4. Man stamps slightly with outside foot on 1st beat of 1st bar, stands still while girl dances around him with 2 schottische s t e p s ; 1st step— she faces man reaching his left side s o a s to touch his left shoulder with her right; 2nd step —back to back with man finishing with waist shoulder hold a s at beginning.

LIST OF Instructions Volume No. m. Record No. Kreuzpolka Haxenschmeisser Boarischer Hiatamadl (Austria) 2 EP1 Waldjager Stoittera P a s c h e r Siebenschritt Veitscher Shiboleth Basadeh (Israel) Datchko Kolo (Jugoslavia) (Austria) Masur Hoi Harmonica (Israel) 3 EP2 Mayim Mayim Cherkessia Karapyet (Israel) Alunelul Kfula (Rumania) (Israel) Kuma Echa (Israel) (Russia) Neopolitan Tarantella Wrona Gapa (Poland) Meitschi Putz-di (Italy) (Switzerland) 1 EP3 Kiigadi-Kaagadi Fyrtur (Estonia) Kreuz Koenig (Norway) Hakke Toone (Germany) (Holland) 1 Kohanochka (Russia) Fyrmannadans (Sweden) Die Woaf (Austria) Schwarzwalder Mazurka (Germany) 2 Fjallnas Polska (Sweden) Viru Vals (Estonia) Schottische (Denmark) Bourree Poursuite (France) EP4 Schottische (Sweden) Snurrebocken (Sweden) Jooksu Polka (Estonia) Sadala Polka (Estonia) EP5 1 Gammel Reinlender (Norway) Sanftenberger (Germany) Kleiner Kolomeyka (Carpathia) Hopak (Ukraine) Kokotek Schottisch (Germany) (Poland) EP6 2 Fyrraanna S c h o t t i s c h e ( S w e d e n ) T a r a n t e l l a Gamboliner Holzschuhtanz (Germany) Laura (Sicily) (Poland) La Bourree Croisee (France) La Bourree Pastourelle (France) D a n c e of t h e H a m m e r s m i t h s ( G e r m a n y ) W i n d m i l l ( G e r m a n y ) EP7 3 Kalamies (Estonia) Kivi Kasukas 3 (Estonia) L a B o u r r e e D r o i t e du P a y s F o r t Verde Gaio (Portugal) (France) Gota (Portugal) EP8 4 Kettengalopp La Virgencita (Switzerland) Appenzeler Klatschwalzer (Switzerland) (Mexico) Kol-Dodi (Israel) Palestinian Hora (Israel) Bona Habanot (Israel) Ridee de Baud (France) Fist P o l k a (Finland) EP9 4 Kadrilj fran Ovraby ( S w e d e n ) B r a n l e de C o n n a y B o u r r e e d e la C h a p e l o t t e (France) (France) Hora Nirkoda Debka Halel Hora Neurim Hein Hroa Haktana Yerunan EP10 5 Ahavat Hadasa Vayiven Uziyahu Erev Ba (Israel) Debka Dayagim Debka Ha'abir Available (Uria) as records or cassettes M r s .

Repeat to R. Step hop round clockwise making two complete turns and progressing in 1 o d. Repeat C Bars 1-4. Repeat introduction. Repeat chorus. With a little jump, man kneels on L knee facing 1 o d. Partners take R hands and girl commencing R foot, dances anticlockwise around man with two schottische s t e p s . SWITZERLAND Bars 3-4 C Bars 5-8 A Bars 1-4 B Bars 1-8 FIGURE 3 C Bars 1-2 Bars 3-4 C Bars 5-8 MEITSCHI PUTZ-DI 37 Man r i s e s and couple take four step hops in 1 o d, man with R hand around girl's waist; girl with L hand on man's R shoulder, free hands on hips.

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