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Fig. 90. Eumops Greatest length of skull 28mm Fig. 89. Molossus Greatest length of skull 17mm 53 ··' '~ .. .. , • • '' ,· ·. , '· ·.... ' " ,,, . ~ :. ·~ Fig. 92. Tadarida Greatest length of skull 17mm Fig. 91. Antrozous Greatest length of skull 21mm , ' f· . t . ' .. : • 1 . Fig 93. Nyctinomops Greatest length of skull 20mm , I' , Fig. 94.

Arborimus Greatest length of skull 27mm Fig. 61. Myodes Greatest length of skull 25mm Fig. 62. Dicrostonyx Greatest length of skull 27mm 41 Fig. 63. Microtus Greatest length of skull 30mm Fig. 64. Neofiber Greatest length of skull 45mm Fig. 65. Lemmiscus Greatest length of skull 25mm 42 LAGOMORPHA 1. -Supraorbital processes absent; jugal projecting back almost to auditory meatus, farming a long spine; fenestrae on side of rostrum not covered with bony latticework; dental fom1ula 12/1 CO/O P3/2 M2/3 ...

70) Fig. 66. Ochotona Greatest length of skull 40mm 43 > Fig. 67. Lepus Greatest length of skull 95mm Fig. 68. Brachylagus Greatest length of skull 50mm Fig. 69. Oryctolagus* Greatest length of skull 80mm Fig. 70. Sylvilagus Greatest length of skull 70mm 44 SORICOMORPHA 1. -Zygomatic arches complete; front pair of upper teeth moderately enlarged and projecting downward or only slightly forward, their longitudinal and lateral diameters appro){imately eciual; teeth white ...........................................................

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