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With such a system, doctors or surgeons could manipulate internal organs or biological structures with precision without needing to slice into the patient’s body with scalpels. It’s non-invasive surgery through the miracle of sound. To date, no such system exists, but they are theoretically possible. ” Dr. Alexander Sutin at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey recently presented six papers at the Acoustical Society of America where he described a phenomenon known as time-reversal acoustics that promises to revolutionize modern medicine.

In addition, a continuous electric current, when applied to the skin over a blood vessel, kills bacteria present in the blood. Electromedicine has great potential for healing. There are many other areas as well, but these represent some of the most popular vibrational medicine technologies being used today. Unlike the other technologies mentioned in this report, much of the technology already exists for vibrational medicine. Every therapy mentioned above is being used right now in the United States and around the world.

So what does western medicine do with this knowledge? They discard it. The placebo effect is routinely tossed or ignored. It’s considered a “false” result by medical researchers, even when the numbers prove it to be not just real, but perhaps the most powerful healing tool of all. 47 The Ten Most Important Emerging Technologies for Humanity Truth is Whatever Agrees With Your Beliefs Why does this happen? Doctors, researchers, surgeons and others in the medical community function like everyone else: when presented with evidence that contradicts their firmly held belief systems, they discard the new evidence because it doesn’t fit their internal model of the way the world works.

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